Greek Fricassee of Lamb

"This is a fricassee as done in Greece - finished with an egg-lemon sauce (avgolemono). It is wonderfully delicious, and least it is for us Greeks!"
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Ready In:
2hrs 15mins




  • In a large Dutch Oven, heat the olive oil till smoking and in it brown the pieces of lamb (you may have to do this in 2-3 batches) until golden-brown all over.
  • When all the pieces are browned add onion, garlic, water and wine (you could use just water if you wanted to), salt and pepper to taste, and simmer for 1 1/2 hours, or until meat is very tender.
  • Add lettuce and dill. You may have to cram it into the pot but it will reduce to practically nothing. Put the lid on the Dutch Oven and cook for 8 minutes. Remove lid, stir carefully not to break up meat and cook another 2 minutes. Turn off heat.
  • In a large, heatproof bowl, whisk together eggs, cornstarch, lemon juice and a little salt and pepper to taste (remember, there is more in the pot).
  • With a ladle, remove ladlefuls of the cooking liquid the meat and lettuce have cooked in and VERY slowly whisk it into the egg/lemon mixture. Keep doing this until, whisking all the while, until you have incorporated most of your cooking liquid - this tempers the egg-lemon sauce so it won't curdle when added to your lamb.
  • Pour all the sauce into the pot, covering the lamb and lettuce. Turn heat up to medium-high and just bring to the boil. Cook for 1-2 minutes.
  • Dinner is ready. Have lots of crusty bread around to sop up the delicious avgolemono sauce.

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  1. Excellent. I made this for orthodox Easter. Reminds me of magheritsa (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) only minus the offal (do not care for it, but always loved the taste of the broth)... Very good. Thanks again Evelyn.
  2. Wanted to try a Greek Fricassee of Lamb recipe after seeing a "Delicious Destinations" show on the Travel Chanel on the island of Santorini. Perhaps this recipe is a good as an original in Greece, but boy was this a disappointment! I feared that it would be fairly tasteless due to the fact there was NO salt or paper on the ingredients list, and I was right. In spite of adding about 2 teaspoons of salt, and one of pepper, the avgolemone sauce never approached the neighborhood of "delicious". This was a of time, and expense (the lamb).
  3. My dill is only 3 inches high, so this recipe must wait for a month or so
  4. Delicious! I cut up a boneless leg of lamb because that's what my store had. The sauce was wonderful. We served it in a bowl over cooked short-grain rice, which worked out really well because it absorbed the sauce even as we were the rice turned into a creamy risotto-type dish. I might try this again with pork as another reviewer did (is that blasphemy??) just because it's so much cheaper and widely available in the US. Thanks for sharing another great recipe.
  5. Awesome recipe :) But Evelyn isn't a Greek name, you must not be Greek- don't lie it's ok if you aren't :) No I'm just kidding. This is fabulous. ps I know a Greek who doesn't like this meal - so maybe not just for the Greeks. :P


<style>body { background: url(""); background-repeat: repeat-y; }</style> OK, here goes. I live in Athens, Greece. I moved out here many, many years ago from Ottawa, Canada - so I am blessed in having two wonderful heritages! I suffer from compulsive obsessive behaviour with regard to food and my psychiatrist thought it would be a good idea to find a 'society' where many have the same problem and try to find a cure. So far, I've copied a couple of thousand recipes from this site and my psychiatrist has thrown the towel in and refuses to answer the phone when I call. What did I do wrong? Got 3 kids that keep me on the go - 10 and under at this point (2008) - I may not get round to updating this for a few years, so you'll have to do your own maths. I teach English full-time and Greek Cookery part-time. I would like to make the cooking part of it full-time and the English Grammar part of it part-time. That's all for now.
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