Fantastic Fireworks Cake (4th of July Cake)

"I didn't base the merit of this recipe solely on the use of a boxed mix and canned frosting. Naturally, we all know that scratch is superior, but getting that out of the way it's hard to deny this to be adorable. Creative, easy and festive. Kids love it...even the kid within ourselves. Note: Use 8 inch cake pans are suggested, but may use 13x9 inch baking pan for a sheet-type cake or cup cakes (check box for baking time)."
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photo by gailanng
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photo by Bonnie G #2 photo by Bonnie G #2
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Ready In:


  • 1 (18 1/4 ounce) package white cake mix
  • red and blue food coloring
  • 1 (16 ounce) can vanilla frosting
  • 1 (2/3 ounce) package red decorating gel
  • 1 (2/3 ounce) package blue decorating gel


  • Preheat the oven to 350°F Grease and flour two 8-inch round cake pans or see Tip #1 below.
  • Prepare the cake mix batter according to package directions.
  • Pour 1 cup batter into each prepared pan. Drop 5 to 7 drops each of the red and blue food coloring randomly on batter. (I found the larger the drop pools, the better the effect. In other words, don't skimp or there will not be enough gel effect when cutting the cake.) Swirl the coloring with a wooden skewer. Divide the remaining batter evenly between the pans, spooning batter gently on top of swirled colors. Drop 5 to 7 drops each of red and blue food coloring randomly on the batter again; swirl coloring with a wooden skewer.
  • Bake the cakes until a toothpick inserted in centers comes out clean, 30 to 35 minutes. Cool the cakes in the pans on wire racks for 10 minutes. Remove the cakes from the pans and place on wire racks to cool completely.
  • Place one cake layer on a serving plate. Spread the top with about 3/4 cup frosting. Top with the second cake layer. Spread the side and top of the cake with the remaining frosting. Draw several sets of concentric circles on top and side of cake with the red and blue decorating gels. Drag a wooden skewer through the circles to feather the colors and make bursting fireworks designs.
  • Two Tips To Remove Cake From Pans:

  • Tip 1. An easier method is to outline 2 pieces of wax paper cut to the size of the bottom of the cake pan. Place wax paper on bottom and pour batter over. When inverting after baking, immediately peel off wax paper and dispose.
  • Tip 2. Let each cake layer cool in the pan for 10 minutes before removing; the cake will release steam and begin to pull away from the pan edge.
  • Check to see if the cake will come out easily by placing one hand on top of the cake and carefully inverting the pan. If the cake layer doesn't release, run a knife around the edge of the cake to help loosen. Place your hand on the top and carefully invert the pan again. Remove the cake and carefully place on a rack to cool completely.

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  1. I'm so disappointed, I made this cake as directed only adding recipe#54269 to make it taller and recipe#243117 as a filling because we love it and it turned out wonderful. So pretty and the decorations looked awesome. I took photos but when I went to load them messed it up somehow and deleted them instead. It was pretty, nice and light and TALL. I usually make my own cakes but needed something easy as I had a full menu and lots to do. You'd never know it wasn't home made and EVERYONE at our 4th of July barbeque raved about how it looked AND tasted. Thanks so much for a great recipe, just wish my photos would have made it. Not a great photo as I just took a picture of some of the left over, but the whole cake was lovely.
  2. The cake in the photo is not the cake that you will end up with by following the directions given. Why not just add the sprinkles to the list of ingredients?
  3. Cute! Thanks for sharing!


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