Curried and Herbed Basmati Rice

"Basmati rice, alone, is a wonderfully fragrant and fluffy rice. This is my own concoction with a pinch here and a dash there, but I tried to be more specific when writing the recipe. We enjoyed it very much, I hope you do also. If you love the taste of curry, you will love this rice."
photo by Derek B. photo by Derek B.
photo by Derek B.
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  • Heat medium 3-quart pot over medium-high heat with oil. Add minced garlic. Cook for 2 minutes. Don't burn garlic. Lightly brown.
  • Add rice. Constantly toss and stir to coat rice with garlic and oil and lightly toast rice.
  • Add chicken stock, curry powder and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cover on simmer til rice has absorbed liquid (about 20 minutes).
  • During last 5 minutes of cooking rice, remove lid, add butter, rosemary and parsley. Stir. Recover.
  • If liquid is absorbed, reduce heat to low and keep warm. If rice appears dry, add small amount of olive oil. I recommend doing this anyway, as the Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds wonderful flavor.
  • Just before serving, add lemon zest to pot and toss to combine all ingredients. Salt and pepper to taste.

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  1. dncrme2
    Outstanding! I love all rice, this one is special. Followed directions exactly and it is perfect, I should have doubled it! Thanks so much for the recipe.
  2. Dita_V_Moore
  3. Derek B.
    I have never been a curry(smell) fan and this was my first venture in cooking with it. It has become my absolute best and favourite rice recipe. Everybody loves it!
  4. Im just a Cook
    This one's a Keeper!! what a Wonderful way to make Basmati rice! I followed the recipe almost exact, i didn't have fresh lemon but i used lemon juice. DELICIOUS!
  5. Chef AkRascal
    This one fits right into my cookbook, quick, easy and full of taste. I left out the parsley and folded in some fresh spinach just before serving. Served it with calamari and mushrooms which I cooked over the grill. Thanks Citruholic, this is a keeper.


I am studying as a chef, but have been a baker for years and years. Cakes, cookies, wedding cakes (baking and decorating), pastries, candies, name it...I've probably made it. I planted an herb garden 2 seasons ago and really enjoyed it and having been doing so ever since. I had fresh herbs all summer long and an abundance to dry and "put up" for the winter. Nothing beats your own fresh rosemary, basil, thyme and savory, sage, mint, oregano. I have five huge rosemary bushes that are thriving outside, despite frigid weather (it's quite hardy!). Rosemary is probably my favorite herb. I love to infuse oils...the safe way. I infuse them right before I cook with them, either with garlic or herbs or both. I love making simple syrups (I always use the 2 to 1 ratio: 2 cups of sugar to 1 cup of IS a syrup). I love it in hot tea and in a variety of drinks...even homemade ice creams. I've infused simple syrups with rosemary, lemon, apple mint, lime and lavender. All were fantastic with a cup of, for instance, blood orange/pomegranate green tea, or even basic teas or plain green teas. They do wonders for iced teas also. Try sweetening your lemonade with a basil simple syrup, it's great! I always have them on hand. They take up a huge amount of refrigerator space, but I cannot do without them. I am an amateur photographer and just got my new Canon XSi 450D Rebel and am having such a great time with it. I'm currently experimenting with macro photography with some great lens diopters. So when I make a recipe and it comes out looking nice, I'll have a really detailed picture of it, lol. More as time goes by. This was a quick jot. I Was Adopted banner: <img src="">
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