Caipirinha Original or With Fruit

"Jamie Oliver is to thank for this one!This is a strong Brazilian drink! Lots of people relate this to tequila. Pronunciation ki pe ren ye The basic recipe is fabulous but if you want a change try it with your favorite fruit."
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  • Place the lime pieces, pulp side up, in the bottom of an old fashioned glass or heavy tumbler.
  • Add sugar to taste and crush the lime and sugar together with a pestle or the end of a wooden spoon (be sure to crush the pieces pulp side up or too much bitter lime oil will be released from the zest).
  • Add the cachaca, stir to mix and add lots of ice cubes.
  • Stir well again and serve.
  • Optional: Shake all ingredients in a shaker till very well chilled.
  • Optional: Add your choice of fruit to the lime to be muddled or in the shaker.

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  1. To tell you the truth, I wasn't really expecting to like this drink, as I had one drink with cachaca before and didn't care for it. Let me tell you, I was wrong! Loved it! I don't know if it was the sugar or the lime (but probably the lime), but I so enjoyed this. Nice and refreshing in the 90 degree weather we've been having. This is what I will be using my bottle of cachaca for!! LOL Made for ZWT-7
  2. this is one of my favorite drinks! i have to special order the cachaca , the brand name is pitu, but it is well worth it, this is refreshing and potent. the trick is to mash the sugar into the lime with a spoon, add the cachaca and then add the ice and lots of it.
  3. Rita, thank you for one MORE great cocktail recipe! You're gonna think I'm a lush... Made this as written but without the fruit. It's exactly how I remembered my first Caipirinha, which I had on a business trip while sitting at the bar at "Larios on the Beach" in South Beach. They go down so nice and easy, but soooo strong. The bartender almost had to walk me back to my hotel... LOL! But I digress... this drink was amazing and was the perfect complement to a warm and muggy sunset.
  4. This drink is so delicious! I loved how simple yet fresh tasting it was with just the sugar lime and cachaca. I did have to make 2 versions because of the low carb side of the family and used 2 packets of Splenda instead of the sugar. Both were fantastic! Thanks again Rita for posting another great recipe!
  5. fabulous!!! the perfect summer drink :) makes you feel like you're on a tropical beach even if you can't be there. i like mine strong, so 2 tsp of sugar is perfect...what's great is that you can easily adjust this to your tastes! thank you for the recipe!



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