Benihana's Ginger Sauce

"I dip all veggies in this as well as chicken, steak and shrimp. I asked my local Benihana for the recipe and they gave it to me!!"
photo by Bishop Demetres W. photo by Bishop Demetres W.
photo by Bishop Demetres W.
photo by MommyMakes photo by MommyMakes
photo by Bishop Demetres W. photo by Bishop Demetres W.
Ready In:




  • chop onion and grate ginger on a cheese grater or micro plane other wise it's kinda all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until well blended.

Questions & Replies

  1. White wine vinegar or distilled white vinegar???
  2. Once made, how long can the sauce be stored in the refrigerator and also the freezer, before it goes bad? Thank you!
  3. Can you use red onion? How much onion do you use? Do you just use use ginger that you use on a plain? How much? Do you use 2 Tbs of grated and sliced ginger? Sorry for so many questions, I have thrown out two batches. Help. I love their sauce.
  4. How long does this ginger sauce last in the fridge?? I'm so excited!


  1. We made this last night and the family loved it. I do agree a bit less soy sauce
  2. Very good, but the soy is REALLY strong, so I would cut back on it next time.
  3. Tastes just like the real McCoy to me- thanks for posting- I love it!
  4. Didn’t like it that much when we made it last night. Didn’t taste right and didn’t have the right thickness. We added some more ginger but still wasn’t quite right. So we put it in the fridge overnight and it changed everything. The next day it was just like Benihana!
  5. Great tasting recipe. Just like hibachi grills. However i am now gonna use half the recomended soy sauce and 3/4 of recommended 1/4 cup for lemond juice. Too much soy and lemon. Everything else is perfect


  1. Love benihana's ginger sauce. I make this for fried rice or dip for shrimp. Instead of white vinegar, use rice vinegar, and as others have posted, use less soy sauce.
  2. I used liquid aminos rather than soy sauce. Also, because I did not have the yellow onion and the lemon, I used red onion and lime :) I think it is delicious, but I really like ginger.



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