Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Recipe by So Happy at Home
READY IN: 20mins




  • Combine the cream and half and half in a medium saucepan, and cook over medium heat until warm (do not boil). Meanwhile, beat the egg yolks with the sugar and vanilla.
  • Once the cream mixture is warm, pour 1/2 cup of it into the egg mixture. Stir egg and cream mixture back into the cream and half and half in the pan. Stir in banana slices and heat on medium low for five minutes, or until it becomes slightly thick (once again, do not boil!). Stir in the nutmeg and remove from heat. Allow to rest for 45 minutes. During this time, the bananas will be releasing all their incredible flavor into the cream.
  • Remove the banana slices (a colander works well for this), and chill cream overnight, or for at least four hours.
  • Freeze according to your ice cream maker's instructions. Stir in the Nilla Wafers, and garnish with sliced banana, if desired.