PART OF Valentine's Day

Ditch 'Fake Love' This Valentine's Day with these BTS-inspired pops

BTS Fans, rejoice! Luxe and the Lady takes us behind the scenes of her adorable creations.

TATA Double Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Pops

In the words of superstar K-pop boyband: "Love Yourself: Answer!" Because what Valentine wouldn't love a BT21-inspired chocolate mousse pop in the shape of the lovable, curious TATA.

It's time for tools

The kitchen kind (you don't want any other kind of tools in your life).

Melt their heart

By melting your chocolate chips for the chocolate mousse.

Yolk Love

Whisk those yolks until frothy.

When two become one

Mix your cooled chocolate with your frothy eggs. You may need to temper your eggs though, too much heat and they can scramble.

Mousse Madness

You've whipped your sugar, vanilla and cream to form stiff peaks, now add it to that chocolate. So fluffy.

True Love

Nothing is quite as beautiful as heart-shaped mousse, here is how it's done.

Fill 'Em Up

Make sure the molds are full up before adding your popsicle sticks

Double Trouble

Fill, smooth, repeat.

Freeze and Free

Put your hearts in the freezer to set for at least 4 hours; then pop them out of the molds.

Red Red Raspberries

You've thawed your berries, now it's time to strain them.

Time for Shine

Using candy colors, white chocolate chips, corn syrup and your raspberry puree make your mirror glaze.


Making these little TATA hearts is easy with a glaze this gorgeous.

Yellow For the Lips

For TATA's facial features, melt some yellow and black candy melts.

Show Off Your Artistic Side

One little face at a time.

Face Time

FaceTime is better with a shiny BTS-inspired dessert.

For Your Valentine

Or the K-Pop fans in your life.