The Best All Purpose Cleaner

"This is by far the best all purpose cleaner I've found. It is fabulous on windows and mirrors, degreases wonderfully, and cuts gunk on sinks etc. and shines, shines, shines. I use it for everything but wood."
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Ready In:
4 bottles


  • 1 (16 ounce) bottle rubbing alcohol
  • 12 cup sudsy ammonia
  • 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap, like dawn or joy
  • water


  • Pour ingredients into empty gallon container or empty gallon milk jug.
  • Fill the rest of the container with water.
  • Put into spray bottle and refill as needed.

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  1. BogeysMom
    This stuff is awesome. I've already used up my first batch cleaning - got the stuff to make another bottle tonight. I live in military quarters and the tile is all white - I drive myself nuts keeping it clean. This is my answer. Great on my counter tops, stove top, etc. Thanks for posting.
  2. julielenore
    I run a home daycare and like to keep things clean and sanitised. This is great fto quickly wipe the bathroom with. I make this up in smaller batches in my 32 oz spray bottle I use 2 tbsp amonia a drop of dishsoap 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!
  3. Dianne03
    WOW!!! This really works! I mixed up some last night-started cleaning and couldn't stop!! It works great an appliances, without leaving streaks. I have marble tiles around my fireplace that looked clean until I used this on them. I don't think I need to buy 409 or Windex ever again. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Cathy17
    Update 3/25/18: I came here to get the recipe again to refill my spray bottle. I have been using this cleaner faithfully for 12 years!! Absolutely LOVE it! ---- Original review; I'm a believer! I whipped up half a batch to try it out and was AMAZED at how well it cleaned. I didn't have sudsy ammonia, so I used regular lemon ammonia and it worked very well. I clean my Kitchen counters faithfully every night using a clorox wipe, which I have to dry with a paper towel, otherwise it streaks my glossy corian type countertops. I *thought* my counters were clean. I could not believe the dirt that came up on the paper towel! I had to spray and wipe a few times before the towel came clean. Here I thought my counters were spotless! After using this stuff, they are streakless and spotless! Used it on my fridge and I saw the dirt dribbling down as I sprayed. Sprayed my sink and it shines and no streaks. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell. It was a bit overpowering at first, but I got used to it. I was whipping around my kitchen like a kid in a candy store cleaning everything I could get my hands on. This beats Magic Eraser a million fold. I'm sold. I love this stuff. ETA: Ohhh my - I just noticed something - I didn't add the water to it. It wasn't in the ingredient list. I used it totally undiluted! I guess that explains the strong smell. ETA: I wet a clean microfibre cloth in water then spray the cleaner, wipe to clean with the wet cloth and then wipe dry with a dry/clean microfibre.
  5. GIBride01
    I have made this exact recipe for close to 10 years now. When I say I use it on everything, I mean everything. Windows, counters, bathrooms, kitchen table, highchair, outdoor furniture even my laminate and tile floors. Sometimes I use the menthol alcohol to give a minty scent, haven't purchased any household cleaners in years!



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