Scottish Eggs

"This is a post in response to a request. I do remember my mom making these once though and think these would be a wonderful addition to a brunch or a Scottish-themed meal!(prep/cook time does not include time to hard-cook eggs)"
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Ready In:
6 Scottish eggs




  • Peel hard-cooked eggs.
  • Make sure the eggs are well-chilled so that the sausage meat will cling to them more easily.
  • Combine sausage, parsley, sage, and pepper in large bowl; mix well.
  • Press meat mixture evenly around eggs, keeping the oval shape.
  • Sprinkle eggs with flour, coating lightly all over.
  • Dip into beaten egg; then roll in bread crumbs to coat.
  • Pour oil into deep-fryer, or large heavy saucepan, to fill 1/2 full.
  • Heat to 350 on deep-fat frying thermometer.
  • Cook 1 egg at a time, for about 4-5 minutes until meat is well-browned.
  • Drain on paper towels; cool.
  • Refrigerate.
  • Slice to serve.

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  1. Artsy Chef
    I got a very similar recipe from a co-worker. This is great if you are on a high protein, low carb diet and is very easy to make. I made this with maple flavored sausage and omitted the spices. I first divided the meat into 6 portions, so there was enough to cover all the eggs. You can also dip them in crushed crackers or corn flakes for a crispier coating. Since I like to be lower fat, I baked these at 350 for 45 minutes instead of deep frying. To reheat, microwave for 30 seconds or less.
  2. laurie10
    Delicious! Step 5 should be step 4, the flour helps the sausage to stick to the egg better. I will be making this recipe alot! YUM
  3. hunterslady
    I used this recipe as an entree for a fund raiser dinner. Because of the quantity, it was easier to baked them for 45 minutes. We wrapped then in foil paper, refridgerated for two days. Heated them in an oven and served with a cheese sauce drizzled over them. It was easy to make up ahead, fairly reasonable and they were a big hit and we made good money.
  4. Sarah
    Simply delicious meal, a bit messy to make but so worth the effort. Great comfort food, perfect winter meal.
  5. Ellie76
    Yummm. Easy to make and tasty too. Next time I will add a bit of salt to the sausage meat.


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