Orange Banana Sunrise Smoothie

Orange Banana Sunrise Smoothie created by PaulaG

Hearty breakfast smoothie with the healthy addition of oatmeal. Yummy!

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  • Blend all together till desired consistency.
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"Hearty breakfast smoothie with the healthy addition of oatmeal. Yummy!"

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  1. Areinard
    The oatmeal made this have a chalky feeling on my tongue. I will never again put oats in a smoothie. I prefer to stick with 1 banana, no OJ, no Oats, plus some honey.
  2. CoffeeB
    Another great smoothie recipe courtesy of MsSally. This is the 2nd smoothie recipe I've tagged of Sally's that includes oatmeal. I love the addition and until I tagged the first one had never incorporated oatmeal in a smoothie. Makes for a filling and satisfying meal replacement if you're so inclined. I ended up using a full frozen banana and a splash of skim milk too. A touch of cinnamon and a packet of Splenda to up the sweetness. Perfect~ Made for I Recommend.
  3. free-free
    very good...I had some soaked oat groats set aside from another thing I was making so I gave them a try in this ...threw them in the blender and got them all fine added juice from fresh orange and the rest from there...ended up adding a bit of cinnamon because I have been in the habit of spicing my smoothies of late...lovely drink...really liked the oat groat and will try it with whole oats next...this is the perfect drink for my hus. as he usually has all the ingredients daily and with this he can have them all in a dose :) I would also like to try this w/ nut butter and then skip the yogurt - it is definitely going into our daily smoothie/juice rotation ... we love different ways to "shake things up" :) Made for I Recommend Tag at Jess's recommendation and this is highly recommend by me as well...THANKS!!!
  4. LilPinkieJ
    This was very good. I wasn't sure how the oatmeal would work in a smoothie, but it blended up just fine. It made it very thick, like an ice cream shake. I blended the oatmeal first to make sure it was ground up finely. This would be great with some strawberries too. Made and Reviewed for Every Day Holiday Tag - Thanks! :)
  5. kitty.rock
    Oh we had this last night after the gym, it was great. I love orange flavored smoothies, and the oatmeal added to it. Still getting used to the texture with the oatmeal, but this is a healthy dessert snack and I really like that! Thanks MsSally. Made for Everyday is a Holiday Tag, Dec 2008.

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