Mc Donald's Big Mac.....almost!!!!!

READY IN: 20mins
YIELD: 4 Burgers




  • Make the sauce: Mix the sauce ingredients together until you get kind of a light orange colored sauce.
  • Add more or less mayo according to taste.
  • Adjust the recipe for more sauce if desired.
  • Take four of the buns and remove the tops.
  • Save the tops for another recipe.
  • Toast the buns and start to cook the meat.
  • A FOREMAN GRILL is most like the grill used at McDonald's, but you can do it any other way you want.
  • (You can cook the meat and put aside until your buns are ready, or work quickly and finish simultaneously) Spread out the bun bottoms (you will have 8) on a baking sheet.
  • Put sauce on all of these (the closer 4 will be the middle layer).
  • Sprinkle buns with minced onions (we used a good pinch).
  • Follow the onions with the shredded lettuce.
  • For the four closest buns, top each with 2 pickles and for the four farthest top each with a slice of cheese.
  • IF you are a TRULY skilled Big Mac Maker your buns will be ready as soon as your meat is ready, but it takes practice.
  • Put the 8 pieces of meat onto all of the 8 buns.
  • Take the four pickle side buns and move on top of the cheese side buns.
  • Top with the bun"lids" and enjoy your Big Mac's!