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"I got this London broil recipe from a cookbook produced by a local chapter of Amit Women ("The Making of a Meal"). These kinds of cookbooks can be gold mines, as everyone does their best to strut their stuff. In this case, the original author, Rachel Abittan, did just that, offering us a scrumptious roast recipe that has been acclaimed by many (and is incredibly easy, to boot!). Hope you enjoy it as much as we do."
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Ready In:
1hr 35mins




  • Combine everything except the meat in a large plastic bag. Add the meat and close well. Marinate overnight, or at least for a few hours.
  • Roast meat, covered, for 30 minutes per pound of meat at 400F, or until meat is tender.
  • I often let it cool, cut it, and reheat it, but it is delicious any way.
  • In the original recipe they recommend broiling the meat for 5 to 10 minutes per side before roasting, but I must admit that I have never bothered to do so and it is still delicious each time.

Questions & Replies

  1. How long fir a 7.7 lb london broil


  1. To the person saying London Broils is made from flank steak,I was a butcher for several years,we cut top round for London Broil,flank is a totally different cut of meat. I hope this helps people understand they are totally different cuts of meat.
  2. First, I must say this marinade was incredible!! I highly suggest you marinate it over night!! Second, I saw many reviews about the meat being overcooked. I only had a 2 lb. London Broil. I would like to share how I prepared it because my family loved it. I marinated it, just as written, for over 24 hours, flipping it every so often in the fridge. The next day I prepared some oven potatoes and put them in for about a half hour @ 400°. I par-cooked some fresh baby carrots. Meanwhile, I removed the meat from the bag, keeping the marinade for the oven. I seared it in my electric skillet In a little olive oil, about 3 minutes on each side. I transferred it to a pan. I put the almost cooked carrots around the steak in the pan, and I covered the meat with the marinade. When the potatoes had cooked for that half-hour, I put the meat in the oven also. I checked it after 10 minutes (my oven tends to fluctuate in temperature!) It wasn't near done, so I put it in for another 10 minutes. It was almost to 130°, which is what my husband wanted it to. I put it in for a few more minutes, and it was at 140°. I let it rest, and the result was between medium rare and medium. A little more than my husband wanted, but very delicious!! I put the carrots in a bowl with the onion and garlic from the marinade. I didn't even have to season them!! I put the juice of the marinade in a bowl to spoon over the meat. As long as you watch the meat, you should have a delicious meal.
  3. Excellent recipe! I cut down the suggested cooking time after reading the reviews, and cooked a London Broill that was slightly over 2 pounds for 45 minutes. The meat was a perfect medium rare. I added some small red potatoes and large chunks of zucchini to the pan to roast with the meat, and everything was delicious. I will make this recipe again.
  4. I actually thought this recipe was pretty good. I did greatly reduce cooking time, based on reviews. Marinade is excellent---I added marinade back to the roasting London Broil halfway through cooking time and it made a lovely addition. For what it's worth, we never grilled our London broil growing up but always oven cooked it. And as always, it's absolutely crucial to slice properly or it will remain very tough to chew!
  5. I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW RUDE AND ABSOLUTELY NASTY ALMOST EVERYONE OF THESE COMMENTS ARE! I guess u all are a bunch of Gordon Ramsey's! Butthen again your not because you wouldn't be on here desperately trying to make a decent meal! Rude RudE RUDE!


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