French Dip-Crock Pot Recipe

"A really nice fireside supper for friends. Taste the Aus Jus first to make sure it's really "beefy" and add another bouillon packet if needed. Edit--if "heat bothers you" start with 1 teaspoon of black pepper."
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Ready In:
10hrs 10mins




  • Coat roast in flour and garlic salt. Braise the roast on all sides on pan prior to placing in crock pot.
  • Place all ingredients in a crock pot.
  • Cook on High for 5-6 hours or Low for 8-10.
  • Remove the meat from the crock pot and place on a deep plate-to collect juices.
  • Strain the broth well so that it is clear and no spices or onions remain. Add a few cups of water to create aus jus.
  • Place in a saucepan and keep warm.
  • Most people prefer to keep the broth as is but you can stir in a small amount of cornstarch mixed with cold water to thicken it up just a touch.
  • (Remember to add the juices that drain off the meat).
  • Heat Hoaggie buns to warm and slice the meat thin.
  • Place a good amount of sliced meat in each of the buns and offer the Aus Jus in individual ramekins.

Questions & Replies

  1. I love the idea of this crock pot. Any suggestions?


  1. This was so delicious! Two of my kids do not even like roast beef and they loved this. My husband could not stop eating it and raved the entire, it couldn't get any easier! I used a 4 lb. bottom round roast and 3 tsp. of instant beef bouillon powder. I also used regular salt because I had no seasoning salt. Otherwise, followed to a "T". I have to admit, I was worried about all that pepper, but it was fine! I cooked 4.5 hours on high, then sliced the beef and put it back in the crockpot for about 20 minutes. Never have I eaten a more tender roast beef sandwich. I used split Kaiser rolls with a slice of American cheese on each and put them in the oven for about 10 minutes on 375*. Then I piled on the sliced meat and served with the au jus. Just wonderful. This made 8 good size sandwiches and I still have plenty for leftovers. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! P.S. My daughter loved it so much that after her sandwich, she asked for a cup of the au jus to DRINK!
  2. What a simple to prepare, deilicous, and not too many points meal. I threw everything together the night before and refrigerated the crockpot. This morning I plugged it in and at lucnch came home to a delicious lunch that no restraunt could of made any better. I used a small french roll and about 1/2 cup of the beef with 1/4 cup au jus. I calculated this to 7 points. I like how all the flavers in the juice are seperate, but also blend together well. Thank you for sharing this one.
  3. It was good and I will make it again. I did use fresh garlic and rosemary, and I agree with one review that the pepper and salt amounts may be switched. 1 tablespoon pepper is too much, and I love pepper. I did use my own stock since I had it own hand. I'm not a fan of bouillon, so I think I would stick with the stock as it has a nice rich flavor. I sliced my onions so I could use them on the sandwich, and served it with a mayo and horseradish sauce along with the au jus. Definitely all gone, so that is a good thing. Thx for posting. Kim
  4. This beef was wonderful! I followed the recipe exactly, (I found that one envelope of onion soup is equal to 4 tablespoons), and the meat was very flavorful. I didn't dilute the Au Jus at all, it was a perfect saltiness for what we like as Au Jus for dipping our sandwiches. This recipe is a keeper, and thank you for posting it. YUM! I appologize for the skewed photo. The original was much better.
    • Review photo by Chef PotPie
  5. This was de-licious!!! Hubby & I both loved it!! I used a tri tip roast but everything else the same, except I didn't have seasoned salt - just used salt - and wasn't too peppery for us. The au jus turned out great!! I also made a simple, garlic aioli sauce to spread on the bun and, wow!, it was unbelievable.


  1. Don't mean to sear the meat instead of braise? My understanding of braise is to cook long & slow in liquid. Adele in NJ
  2. In order to get the thinest slices I make this a day ahead and refrigerate the roast and juices separately. It's much easier to slice the roast when it's cold. When ready to eat just heat up the juice in a pan and add the beef slices to warm up.
  3. DEE-licious! I'll never buy deli sliced roast beef again for french dips. This had SO much more flavor and in the end is actually cheaper. I followed the recipe except for substituting 1 tsp of celery salt for the seasoning salt and I didn't have any bouillon cubes or beef broth. So instead I mixed up beef Better than Bouillon w/ hot water (3 cups) and used that. It was scrumptious! I'm going to freeze the leftover au jus in ice cubes trays and keep it - I'm not tossing out that heavenly stuff! I had a 4.5 lb roast and cooked it on high for about 4 hours - it was falling-apart tender. So yummy Di! I'll be making this again and again.
  4. My family really liked this recipe, however I believe the black pepper and seasoning salt amounts may be transposed in this recipe. A tablespoon of pepper was too hot, I would decrease it to one teaspoon. However the seasoning salt could be increased to one tablespoon. I also used two cloves of fresh minced garlic in place of the garlic powder. This recipe is so easy. Definitely a keeper



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