Festive Tuna Salad

"You could serve this as a 1st course for company; it is not your usual mayo/tuna salad. The addition of fresh mushrooms and green peas really does the trick. I usually make a lighter version where I will strain the whey out of some plain yoghurt in a sieve and use 1/3 strained yoghurt and 2/3 mayo. If using this method the yogurt must be drained really well. I add the peas when they are still frozen; they thaw quickly and I like them cold in the salad and they do not get mushy"
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  • Flake the tuna with a fork; add mayo, (yoghurt if using lighter version), lemon juice. Mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Fold in mushrooms and peas; if you add the peas frozen they will thaw quite quickly.
  • If using toast bread - toast bread and add a generous scoop of tuna salad on top; garnish with tomatoes and fresh herbs.
  • If using baquette - add tuna salad to plate and garnish with tomates and fresh herbs, serving bread on the side.

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  1. I liked this -- a little different then my normal tuna salad. Didn't measure the mayo though -- never do :)
  2. Very different tuna salad. I can only find 5 oz cans of tuna, so I reduced everything else just a smidge. I was surprised by how little you tasted the mushrooms in this. Think they absorbed some of the lemon juice so they tasted more citrusy than normal. Served on toasted Italian bread. Yum! Thanks for sharing. Made for Zaar Stars tag game.
  3. Very nice tuna salad! I used lowfat mayo with good results. The mushrooms and peas made this very filling and the lemon juice added a nice light taste. Served as you suggested on toast with tomato and dill. Enjoyed this - thanks for sharing the recipe!
  4. great easy salad i had never had with dill lemon juice and mushrooms before i used celery not peas cause this is for my son instead of bread put with pasta for my very hardworking tired son
  5. When I made it yesterday, I was not sure of the fresh mushrooms cause I don't like raw mushrooms. But in this tuna salad, it's hard to notice the taste of raw mushrooms. I used only 1/4 cup of light mayonnaise. Great creamy salad. I ate it with toasted pita bread. Thanks Deantini :) Made for PRMR tag game



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