Bull's Eye Breakfast

Recipe by Greeny4444
READY IN: 16mins
YIELD: 1 serving




  • Heat a griddle or pan to medium-high heat, and butter both sides of a slice of bread. I find it it easiest for cleanup (and to avoid buttering the rest of my kitchen) to do this step on a sheet of wax paper.
  • With a biscuit cutter, the rim of a glass, or just a knife, cut a large circle out of the center of the bread.
  • Place the bread and the bread circle in the heated pan (the butter should make a "sizzling" sound).
  • Once you hear the "sizzling" sound, crack the egg directly into the pan, in the middle of the piece of bread from which you cut the circle.
  • When the white of the egg is not see-through anymore, turn the egg/bread combo over. Turn the bread circle over also.
  • Cook until bread is brown on both sides (like toast) and egg in the middle of egg/bread combo is over-easy (the white is cooked on both sides while the yolk is liquid).