Arizona Taco Salad

"When it’s 105º F. outside, this is a perfect dish for entertaining. Easy to prepare, and easy to serve as a “make-it-your-way” one-dish meal. And Fritos work better in this dish than “real” tortilla chips."
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  • Crumble-fry the ground beef (w/salt, pepper, garlic to taste) and allow it to cool.
  • Mix beef with beans and lettuce.
  • Stick a long spoon in the Picanté sauce jar.
  • Put remaining ingredients in individual bowls, with appropriate tongs, spoons, etc. for serving.
  • Put a layer of fritos in your bowl or on your plate.
  • Cover with beef-bean-lettuce mixture.
  • Add other ingredients as desired.
  • Apply the picanté sauce to taste. Add hot sauce as required by your palate.
  • Step aside, because the first ones through the line will be coming back for more!

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  1. I made this for lunch and it was very tasty! I made something less than half of the recipe and left off the olives. It was very easy to make and great for lunch. I'll be making this often! Thanks for posting!
  2. Good basic taco salad. I made just as listed, including the Fritos.


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