A Real Maine "Italian"

"Why these sandwiches are called Italians is a mystery to me since not one thing on them is Italian. But here in Maine you can go to any little general store or sandwich shop and get an Italian. Ham is the original, but other meats can be substituted (you have to specify like roast beef italian). Amato's is a sandwich shop up here that boasts the "Home of the Real Maine Italian"."
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  • Cut sub rolls in half, but not completely through.
  • Layer cheese and ham on each of the rolls.
  • Top with sliced pickles, tomato, olives, onion, and green pepper.
  • Drizzle each sandwich with oil and vinegar and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Enjoy!

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  1. No Vinegar in a real Maine Italian - just SOUR pickles to give that mouth puckering sourness. The Italian Sandwich is not called Italian from it's ingredients it's called the Italian from the Italian immigrants who invented it and made it in a little shop in Portland, ME. Hope that clears up the mystery as to why it is called the Italian sandwich. Enjoy
  2. wonderful-tasting sandwich. A lot of interesting flavours that all worked well together. Something good in every bite.
  3. This is pretty close, but I've never had vinegar in a Maine Italian sandwich. Never even been asked.
  4. Southern Maine native here.. Grew up in Otisfield and Sebago Lake Village and later lived in Portland as a young adult. Difficult to clone the original Amato's Italian Sandwich but when away from home I do the best I can. I've even tried to make my own rolls to get more authentic but haven't found the right bread recipe yet. The olives in the original are just plain black olives and there is no vinegar. It is a vegetable oil blend that includes olive oil. Otherwise the ingredients in this recipe are spot on. Bit of trivia.. our school lunch program use to make "Italian Sandwiches" on hamburger rolls when I was growing up. Same ingredients just on a hamburger roll.
  5. I lived in Maine in the 1960's. There were little "roach coaches" that would come to the mill where I was working at Sebago Lake. They always had a supply of Italian sandwiches. There's nothing quite like that taste. I'm now in Idaho and I can't get the same exact flavor, but I'm getting close.


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