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No-Sew Donut Clutches

Have your donut and accessorize with it too.

How to make your very own donut-inspired clutch — no sewing machine required!

Materials for 2 Clutches
Total time: 30 minutes
• 1/4 yard tan or cream-colored vinyl
Clutch pattern
• Marker or fabric pen
• Fabric scissors
• High-temperature hot glue and gun or fabric glue
Frosting template
• Two 8” x 8” pieces of leather or vinyl in chosen frosting color
• Sprinkles cut file
• Assortment of colored adhesive vinyl for sprinkles
• Leather hole puncher
• Screw-back studs (also called a head button screw)


Vinyl is available in the home decor section of your fabric store. Because it is sold in different dimensions than other bolts of fabric, you will want to purchase 1/4 yard, even though it will only take 1/8 yard to make one clutch.

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1 Trim Your Vinyl

Cut your 1/4 yard of tan colored vinyl in half widthwise, so you have two 1/8 yard pieces.


2 Print & Trace

Print out the provided templates for the clutch pattern and frosting, then cut out along the lines and combine the two templates pieces with tape.

Lay your template out on top of the inside of one of the vinyl pieces.

Trace around the template with a marker or fabric pen.

Follow your tracing to cut out the vinyl.

3 Make the Frosting

Place the frosting template onto your frosting-colored vinyl/leather and trace around that. Then cut the frosting out.

4 Adhere the Frosting

Apply fabric glue or glue from a high-temperature hot glue gun to the back of your frosting and place it on the rounded-edge side of the tan vinyl.

Allow the glue to dry.

If using fabric glue you may need to allot several hours.

5 Add the Sprinkles

Cut sprinkle shapes from multi-colored adhesive vinyl freehand, or use our provided sprinkle template as a guide or with a die-cutting machine.

Apply multi-colored sprinkles randomly on frosting layer.

6 Fold Your Clutch

Flip the whole vinyl piece over and the fold sides in.

Apply glue to the outside of the folded inside flaps and press the bottom up onto them.


If using fabric glue, you may need to hold the pieces together with a clip while it dries.

7 Poke Holes

Once the glue has dried, fold the top down and use a ruler to find the center, mark this point and use a leather hole puncher to punch a hole on this spot. Choose a hole size that is a few sizes smaller than the head of your screw-back studs.

Fold the top back down and mark through this hole where it hits on the bottom flap. Use the leather hole puncher again, this time going up one or two sizes.

8 Add the Clasp

Thread the bottom part of the screw-back stud up through the bottom flap hole and screw the head back on. The clutch can now close by pressing the top flap hole over the stud. Looks like you're ready to party!

Don't forget to add a little donut confetti to your party! 


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