How to Make Mini Pizza Pinatas

The hit of your pizza party.

Take your favorite slice to new heights with these mini pinatas.

Total time: 45 minutes
• Cereal boxes
Triangle template
• Marker
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Paper slicer
• Bone folder or scoring tool (optional) T ape
• Tissue paper in yellow, red and ivory Glue stick
• Red cardstock paper
• 1-inch hole puncher

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1 Cut & Assemble Box

Cut the sides of your cereal box so that it will lay flat. Freehand two triangle shapes, or use the provided template, then cut these out.

Cut several 1 1/2 inch strips from the rest of the cereal box.

Tape these strips to one of the triangles, using a scoring tool if you have one to make nice folds around the edges. On the top, leave a flap unattached that can be tucked under itself. Now attach the other triangle to the strip to form a 3D triangle box. Tuck the flap on the top in.

2 Cut the Tissue Paper

Cut several strips of yellow tissue paper, about 1-inch thick. Use scissors or fringing scissors to fringe the strips.

3 Glue the Fringe

Apply glue from a glue stick to the bottom tip of the triangle, and begin attaching yellow fringe. Wrap each strip of fringe all the way around the box, around all four sides, twice, applying more glue to the box as you go.

The second layer of fringing should cover the top of the first layer, but leave most of the fringed edge visible. Repeat this with rows of yellow fringe until you get about 1 inch from the top. 

Now cut 1/2-inch strips of red tissue paper, fringe them, and add a couple rows above the yellow. Finally, add a few rows of 1-inch fringed strips of ivory tissue paper and then fringe the top of the box (the flap that tucks under) in ivory as well. 

4 Attach Toppings

Use a 1-inch hole puncher or scissors to create red circles from cardstock paper — these will be pepperoni. Cut out any other toppings you’d like to add to your pizza from other colors of thick paper.

Glue your chosen toppings onto the pizza piñatas.

Fill with toys, candy and confetti and close each flap. Set out for party guests to grab and enjoy! 

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