How to Make a Pizza Party Garland

Get a pizza this!

Add some flair to your pizza party with a garland made of colorful slices. Here's what you need!

Total time: 45 minutes
• Felt in yellow, red, tan, black, green, yellow, ivory Marker or fabric pen
• Scissors
• Hot glue and gun
• Templates: crust, cheese, pepperoni, peppers, olives and mushrooms
• Ribbon or twine

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1 Cut Felt Shapes

Use provided template or freehand triangles onto the tan colored felt. Cut these out — they will be your pizza “crusts.”

Use the template (or one of the cut tan felt triangles) to cut out red felt triangles and then cut the tops off so they are smaller than the tan triangles, these will be your “sauce”.

Repeat that step to create yellow triangles and then cut them even smaller than the red ones, with varying wavy tops, like cheese. 

Cut out pepperoni from circles of red felt, olives from black, pepper slices from green, mushrooms from ivory, yellow squares for pineapple (templates available for all of these shapes), and any other toppings you might want to feature on your pizzas! 

2 Glue Triangles Together

Attach the red felt to the tan triangles, and the yellow on top of the red using a hot glue gun. Now add toppings on top of that.

3 String Them Together

Cut and attach a little rectangle of tan felt to the back of each pizza slice for string to go through.

Finally, string them all onto a length of ribbon or twine and hang. Bon appetit!

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