How to Make Deviled Eggs

Conquer the classic potluck and Easter table treat.

Creamy, festive and delicious — deviled eggs are always a favorite.  Prepare a plateful for your Easter table or next potluck, and watch them disappear.

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1 Cut the Eggs

Cut six hard-boiled eggs in half lengthwise. Scoop out yolks and place them in a small mixing bowl; set whites aside.

For clean cuts, wipe your knife with a paper towel after cutting each egg.

2 Mash the Yolks

Mash yolks with a fork until they resemble a sandy texture. Mashing prior to adding the other ingredients helps ensure a smooth filling.

3 Prepare the Filling

Add two-to-three tablespoons mayonnaise, one teaspoon prepared yellow mustard, one-and-a-half tablespoons sweet pickle relish, and a sprinkling of salt and pepper to the six mashed yolks. Mix until well combined and smooth.

There are many ways to season deviled eggs, so feel free to adjust filling ingredients to your personal taste. Have a flavor idea? Try it out and have fun coming up with your own deviled egg creations.

4 Fill the Egg Whites

Use two spoons to scoop filling into the cavity of each egg white half. Or use a piping bag to pipe filling for a more elegant look. 

Disposable piping bags fitted with a large piping tip work well, but if you don't have any on hand, don’t fret. Cut the bottom corner of a plastic sandwich baggie, fill the baggie with the yolk mixture, seal and pipe through the cut corner.

Place filled eggs on a platter or egg plate.

If serving eggs on a flat platter or plate, slice a small slice off the bottom of each egg white before filling so the deviled eggs sit flat.

5 Garnish Eggs

Garnish eggs with a sprinkling of paprika or chopped fresh chives.

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