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How to Make a Red, White and Blueberry Trifle

This Fourth of July, the fireworks start during the dessert course. Our friend Zac Young has the epic trifle your Independence Day bash needs.

This slightly silly, over-the-top treat celebrates my favorite summertime fruits: blueberries and strawberries. It’s also the perfect make-ahead dessert that lets you focus on mastering the grill. For a portable picnic version, assemble the trifle in mason jars, screw the lids on tight and throw them in a cooler!

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1 Make the Blueberry-White Chocolate Whipped Cream

Ideally, you should start your prep the night before you want to serve the trifle. This blueberry and white chocolate whipped cream is best after chilling in the fridge for at least six hours (or overnight). Plan ahead and you'll be halfway finished with the recipe the next day! Here's the recipe.

For the fast and easy approach, use a box of confetti cake instead of making it from scratch.

2 Make the confetti cake

What's more festive than red, white and blue sprinkles? Whisk those colorful stars into your cake batter, which will serve as the base layer of the trifle. 

3 Macerate the strawberries

Here come summer's finest! Slice fresh strawberries into coins and sprinkle them with sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest (or limoncello), then let them sit for a few minutes while they release their juices.  

4 Assemble the trifle

Using your finger, paint the rim of your vessel with melted white chocolate and dip it in a plate of red, white and blue star-shaped sprinkles.

Cut the cake into 2-inch cubes and scatter in a layer on the bottom of the vessel.

Spread one-third of the blueberry and white chocolate whipped cream in an even layer on top, followed by a layer of the strawberries.

Repeat layers until you have used up all of the cake, whipped cream and berries. Add blueberries on top and store in the refrigerator until ready to serve. The trifle will hold chilled for two days.


5 Make the Garnish

Melt white chocolate and spread it onto a sheet of parchment paper. Sprinkle a pouch of red popping candy and a pouch of blue popping candy on top.

Once the chocolate starts to set, cut out star shapes. If you don’t have a star-shaped cookie cutter, you can cut them free hand with a sharp paring knife or break the chocolate into shards once it is set. Store this garnish tightly wrapped in the refrigerator as any humidity will cause the popping candy to melt. 

Want more outrageous garnish ideas? Top your trifle with red, white and blue flags or sparklers and watch those fireworks fly!

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