Vibe Killer: DC School Institutes Baked Goods Ban for 4/20 Week

The ban also includes gummies and other candies.

By Ethan L. Johns
April 20, 2018

Image: Fudio/Getty Images

Sometimes, business plans don’t go as expected. So this week at one high school in Washington, D.C., anybody who had been planning to set up a bake sale was S.O.L.

After the administration at Wilson High School became aware of the holiday that falls on April 20th—the internationally-recognized day for celebrating marijuana—it instituted a week-long ban on all baked goods in an attempt to prevent its students from partaking in a place of learning. Talk about messing with the vibe!

In an email obtained by NBC Washington, the school’s principal Kimberly Martin acknowledged her students’ “uncanny ability to find unsupervised parties,” before warning of substance abuse, reckless behavior and addiction. In the same vein, she went on to announce that, due to the impending “day of risk taking” that would occur on “Four-Twenty,” all baked goods would be prohibited from the building.

“Next week, we will not permit students to enter the building with any baked goods, or large quantities of brownies, cookies or cupcakes,” she wrote. “Please note that “edibles” may also be in the form of gummy bears, drinks, lollipops and candy bars. All of these items are available for purchase on the internet.”

The possession of up to two ounces of recreational marijuana is legal in Washington, D.C, for individuals older than 21 (which high school students are not). D.C. residents must possess a medical marijuana card in order to purchase the drug, as there are no recreational dispensaries open in the district.

While Wilson High students likely groaned at the decision, some parents argued that the ban should be in place all year long.

“My daughter was new to Wilson this year, and someone gave her a brownie that she didn't know had something in it,” said one on Twitter. “It was awful.”

Is it all common sense, or should we chalk it up to brownie discrimination? Looks like you’ll have to decide for yourself. In the meantime, we’ll be sticking to these drug-free baked treat recipes.

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