Unlimited Pasta Passes from Olive Garden Snapped Up

They were all purchased by hungry pasta fans in less than one second.

By Ethan L. Johns
September 15, 2017

Image: Olive Garden

September 15, 2017
— If you were dreaming of visiting your local Olive Garden for every meal over the course of two months—and doing so for free—it looks like chance has not been kind to you this week. After announcing the annual return of its Never Ending Pasta Pass on Tuesday, Olive Garden released 22,000 of them out into the world on Thursday. They disappeared in under one second.

Call it breadstick mania or just a plain pasta obsession, the quick purchase of all these passes is completely understandable: for $100, the holder of a Never Ending Pasta Pass gains unlimited access to the American dining chain’s full range of pastas and sauces, as well as toppings, soups, salads and (obviously) breadsticks. That access, which could feed you for lunch and dinner (and breakfast if you take some home… we won’t tell), lasts for eight weeks, from September 25th until November 19th. Just to clarify—in case you don’t understand the gravity of this situation—that is two whole months of unlimited food. With that, you could go into hibernation like a big Italian-American brown bear under a red-and-white-checkered blanket with a bottle of Chianti for a pillow, and not need to wake up until it’s time to buy next year’s Never Ending Pasta Pass.

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To make things even sweeter, the lucky first 50 folks who tried to purchase a pass also had the option to add a week-long, all-inclusive trip to Italy to their shopping cart. For an extra $100. That’s unlimited pasta and a trip to Italy, all for $200. And now the rest of the world is crying.

For the lucky few who managed to snag one, set your clocks; all-you-can eat pasta begins on September 25th. And please, don’t forget that exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

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