Unicorn Surprise: This Rainbow Cake is Margarita-Flavored

Six Patrón margarita flavors, one epic, tequila-infused cake.

By Ethan L. Johns
April 04, 2018

Image: Patrón Tequila

Rainbow cake. It tastes just like any other cake, only it’s meant to remind you of unicorns and fairy tales. So imagine your surprise when you take a bite out of one and it brings your mind to Mexico instead.

That might just be what happens when you take a bite out of this boozy Margarita Cake from Butter & Scotch Bar and Bakery in Brooklyn, which is made with Patrón Tequila. The cake—which will be served for $9 per slice on April 11th only—was inspired by the tequila brand’s Margarita of the Year Competition.

For the competition, bartenders from around the world were asked to create special geographical riffs on the classic margarita. What this means is that the "Drunk Bakers" at Butter & Scotch used these unique cocktails to create a multi-flavored cake, with each new layer pulling its flavors from a different margarita variation. So it’s far from the boring vanilla of your average rainbow cake.

The cake boasts a total of seven different margarita flavors. The purple base of the cake takes its flavors from the “Salted Plum Margarita,” which is made with umeshu plum wine and was inspired by Osaka, Japan. The second layer—the blue layer—used Seattle for geographical reference, and is flavored like the “Skyline Margarita,” with blackberry, lime and cayenne. Moving up the light spectrum, the green layer represents the “Verde Margarita,” which drew inspiration from Mexico City, and which was flavored with elderflower and agave.

The yellow layer represents the “Passion Fruit Margarita,” which hails from Baltimore and is evidently flavored with passion fruit. The orange layer was inspired by Barcelona and the “Mediterranean Margarita,” which contains sherry, lime juice and agave, along with some orange marmalade. And the last red layer was inspired by Boston and the “North End Margarita” (created by Stephen King), which is made with cherry tomatoes.

Finally, the cake is assembled with a white frosting that tastes like lychee, lime and ginger. This flavor combo comes from “La Margarita,” a cocktail inspired by Los Angeles.

If you’re not thirsty yet, you can find all the recipes at the Patrón contest page, where you can also vote for your favorite. And if you love margaritas so much that you want to eat them as well, make sure you get yourself over to Butter & Scotch to see how all these flavors blend together. Maybe order a margarita while you’re at it.

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