Unicorn Cereal Sighting: Kellogg's Brings UK Hype Monster to US

Try it now at the new Kellogg’s cereal café in NYC.

By Ethan L. Johns
December 15, 2017

Images: Kellogg's

People went ape back in September when Kellogg’s gave Brits the gift of extra-special, limited-edition “Unicorn Cereal.” Go ahead, let out your screams, because the new British Invasion has arrived stateside, and this time it’s anything but black-and-white.

Yesterday’s opening of the Instagram-friendly horse and pony show known as the Kellogg’s Café opened many cereal-related doors for New Yorkers and for humanity in general, but perhaps most importantly, it marked the introduction of Kellogg’s Unicorn Cereal to these United States of America.

It is certain that nothing has been hotter in 2017 than the unicorn. For those of you who don’t keep up with ridiculous food trends (bravo), we’re definitely not talking about fancy, rare, magical steak. We’re talking mythical-beast-that-farts-rainbows unicorns.

And so it is with Unicorn Cereal. Unlike the UK version, which featured yellow, purple and red loops, the US version will be bolder and more brilliant (obviously), with red, blue and purple loops and white “crunchlets.” Round it all out with a “magic cupcake” flavor, and you’ve got yourself one enchanted breakfast.

Unicorn fans can gallop on over at any time of day to the Union Square Kellogg’s Café, where they’ll be able to pony up $1.50 for the most colorful bowl of plain cereal ever. If they’re into dairy, they can horse around with whole, skim, almond or soy milks for $2, while specialty milks cost $3.50.

Supermarket-goers unfortunately will have to hold their horses for a while; the Unicorn cereal will hit shelves in March 2018. We’re not complaining; because when it comes to epic cereal hype, we’ve learned it’s best to never look a gift unicorn in the mouth.

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