The 'Selfieccino' Puts Your Face On a Cappuccino

Vanity is one of the seven most-caffeinated sins.

By Ethan L. Johns
December 20, 2017

Image: The Tea Terrace at House of Fraser London & Guildford/Facebook

In a world where images dictate our lives—where if there are no pictures, then it didn’t happen—one London cafe is serving up cappuccinos with a megadose of vanity to help you get your daily fix of “likes.”

The “Selfieccino” is the hot beverage of the future, which features an image of the customer’s face, printed into the milk foam of a cappuccino or hot chocolate. It’s currently being sold at The Tea Terrace inside of the House of Fraser department store on Oxford Street in London.

In order to have your Mini-Me beverage made, all you have to do is send a selfie to the baristas using a messaging app. The baristas will then send your photo through their special “Cino” machine, which uses tasteless brown food coloring to print a life-sized printed portrait of your Lilliputian twin onto the top of your coffee. All for £5.75 ($7.50).

That’s right, no more misspelled names at Starbucks. Perfectly customizable coffee portraits that are bound to garner you lots of love on the interwebs.

“Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted,” said Ehab Salem Shouly, owner of The Tea Terrace, to Reuters. “It’s not enough anymore to just deliver great food and great service—it’s got to be Instagram worthy.”

So go ahead, take a photo of yourself holding a coffee that has a photo of yourself printed on it. You might even want to use #selfieccino (and, of course, #GeniusKitchen) to show your friends that you drank your own face. Then drink up! Photos may last a lifetime (or 5 seconds on Snapchat), but your coffee will get cold in less than 15 minutes.

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