'The Egg House' Pop-Up to Feature an Egg Swimming Pool

Ovum fun for the whole family.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 13, 2018

Image: The Egg House

If you loved the Museum of Ice Cream, wait until you peep this new pop-up, guaranteed to meet the needs of stereotypical millennials everywhere. It’s pink and pastel; it’s Instagrammable; it’s all-around eggcellent.

It’s “The Egg House,” a new art space set to open next month in New York City. Dedicated to that beloved, oval breakfastime ovum, the Egg House was designed by a group of art, design and marketing graduates from NYC schools as a way to escape the chaotic world for a while, and revel in the world’s shared love of eggs.

Tickets for the Egg House go on sale on March 15th at noon, and cost $18 for adults, with discounts for seniors and children. It will run from April 7th to June 27th, and will feature six different rooms for guests to explore.

“The Foyer” welcomes guests and promises a “delightful sunny surprise,” while “The Kitchen” offers a giant egg carton to cuddle up in. Vintage vending machines are the centerpieces of “The Hallway,” and neon cacti decorate “The Garden,” where a comfy-looking cracked egg swing hangs from the ceiling. “The Secret Room” is apparently some kind of speakeasy, but the real feature that’s likely to have people freaking out is “The Pool,” which is filled with eggs. “Last one in is a rotten egg,” as they say.

Throughout all of this, the creators of the Egg House have woven the story of Ellis, a “new eggling” that has just arrived in the big city. Ellis’ story—from birth to shark attacks to days spent looking at Van Gogh paintings in the Museum of Modern art—is currently being told through the pop-up’s Instagram account. Where will Ellis wind up? At the Egg House, we would assume!

According to Bon Appétit, Egg Shop and Eggloo will be hanging out, waiting to serve egg-filled dishes to hungry visitors, while breakfast eggs and eggnog will be provided by the Egg House. Exit through the gift shop, where you can stock up on all the “eggcessories” that you could ever want.

Sitting in an egg carton is strange therapy, but then again it’s a strange world we seem to be inhabiting these days. But rest assured, ye eggophiles, the return-to-the-womb undertones of this safe space were designed to be photographed and broadcast across the globe, so take as many Instagram photos as you please.

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