Texas Brewery Ushers in Easter with Marshmallow Peeps Beer

April Fools? Not so much.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 26, 2018

Image: Anna Altenburger/Getty Images

The coming of spring signals a few things. Color returns to the Earth—on the trees, in the flowerbeds and in the Easter baskets. This year, in a sickeningly sweet turn of events, it will also be making a cameo in beer glasses.

A group of beer creatives in Fort Worth, Texas, is welcoming back the birds and the bees this year with a special beer brewed with marshmallow Peeps. The “Peep this Collab” is a joint project between the Collective Brewing Project and local growler fill-up Lone Star Taps and Caps, according to Dallas News GuideLive.

The Peep this Collab beer will be a millennial’s dream, with its blend of color, quirkiness and glitter appeal. It’s technically a sour ale, which was flavored with vanilla, lemon peel and 30 boxes of marshmallow Peeps. Ryan Deyo, the head brewer and co-founder of the Collective Brewing Project tells GuideLive to expect a beer that’s “marshmallowy” and “lightly tart.”

The color-changing properties of butterfly pea flower—added during fermentation—give it a purple hue, while the brewers add edible glitter to the finished product for extra flair.

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The team at the Collective Brewing Project is no stranger to odd beer ingredients; last year, they crafted up a different sour beer, called “Cup O’ Beer,” which was made using ginger, lime, lemongrass, seaweed-cured salt and about 55 pounds of ramen noodles.

The Peep this Collab beer will be available closer to April 1st at the Creative Brewing Project and at both Lone Star Taps and Caps locations, as well as in a few as-of-yet-undisclosed local bars.

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