Taco Bell Tests a Kit Kat Quesadilla

The Chocoladilla’s melted chocolate takes no prisoners.

By Ethan L. Johns
October 23, 2017

Image: Taco Bell

If you’re all about Domino’s Lotta-Chocca Pizza or the Hershey’s Sundae Pie, hold on to your hat, because Taco Bell is dropping the dessert mash-up of your dreams. The Chocoladilla is Taco Bell’s answer to the Choco Taco, with a soft exterior and a crunchy, melty filling. Ice cream has no place here.

Previously only available in the UK (under the name of the “Chocodilla”), the Chocoladilla appeared earlier this month in Taco Bell restaurants in Wisconsin. According to the Brand Eating blog, the extra “la” got thrown in there to differentiate the dessert from Hostess’s Chocodile Twinkies.

How is this delightful dessert made? Well, there’s that soft flour tortilla that gets folded around Kit Kat bits and chocolate. Throw it on the grill for some char and let that stuff melt, baby, melt.

More of a caramel person? Brand Eating also reports that there’s a Twix version of the Chocoladilla available in certain restaurants. There is no indication that these will be available for a long time, so if you’re interested in this dreamy dessert ‘dilla, you best be heading to Wisconsin stat.

Though this daring culinary invention shows unparalleled creativity and execution, you might be left wondering, what was wrong with the old-fashioned cheese quesadilla, anyway? I mean, how long will we continue to permit chocolate’s invasion of our beloved tacos and pizza? And if we let it spread to lunch, what’s next, a marshmallow-filled sandwich?!

Just some food for thought.

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