Stew Leonard’s Hawks Apple Pie Milk for Thanksgiving

Bye bye, pumpkin pie.

By Ethan L. Johns
November 07, 2017

Image: Stew Leonard's

Feeling like apple pie a la mode, but don’t have time to bake a pie and smother it with vanilla ice cream? Fear not; Connecticut-based grocery chain Steward Leonard’s just launched the milk that’s going to make your Thanksgiving season.

Stew Leonard’s Apple Pie Milk a la Mode is a fresh new milk from the grocery that the New York Times once called a “Disneyland dairy store.” Joining the ranks of other small-dairy flavored milks such as Oakhurst’s Maine blueberry milk, the Apple Pie Milk a la Mode—with its crisp apple and vanilla ice cream flavor—is Stew Leonard’s latest creative take on the white moustache-inducing beverage. Last year, they came up with Christmas Cookie Milk for the holiday season, a product which will be coming back after Thanksgiving.

Not only does Stew Leonard’s milk taste like a fresh-baked pie with ice cream, it’s made with milk from dairy farms in upstate New York. The cows are free of antibiotics and rBST (an artificial growth hormone), so health nuts can rest easy.

Sound like something you want to glug straight from the bottle? You can find it in half-gallon glass containers at any of the company’s six locations across New York and Connecticut. Though they’ll have to sit tight for now, New Jerseyans can get excited for a new, 80,000 square-foot Stew Leonard’s that will be coming to the Paramus Park shopping mall, complete with its signature silo. No news yet as to whether it will have a petting zoo like the other locations.

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