Sam’s Club Stacks a Rainbow Cake for National Unicorn Day

Hold on to your horn, because this unicorn’s about to take the cake.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 29, 2018

Image: Sam’s Club

We’ve heard of everything now. Shut down the site, there’s nothing more to say. You heard us right; there’s officially a National Unicorn Day.

Kidding, we’re not going anywhere. But however will we celebrate this obscure new holiday that we’re not even sure really exists? With unicorn cereal or unicorn marshmallows? Been there, done that. No, when April 9th rolls around and the rainbows are unleashed on the world, we will be celebrating with cake.

To be specific, this three-tiered unicorn cake, available from Sam’s Club. Who needs sad grocery store sheet cakes or stale-tasting ice cream cakes when you can stack the rainbow and feed an entire party? This unicorn cake comes complete with rainbow sprinkles, two unicorn ears and a magical horn, and is available in both chocolate and vanilla.

They’ll be available at your closest Sam’s Club location beginning April 1st. For $68.98, you’ll be able to feed 66 friends (just over a dollar per person), but can you really put a price on becoming a legend? Just make sure that you call ahead or pay a visit in person, since these towers of tasty are made to order.

And if, by some miracle, it’s warm enough where you are on April 9th, you can eat your unicorn cake in this massive unicorn raft, perfect for the young at heart and the discerning consumer with an overdeveloped sense of irony.

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Did this not just become your favorite holiday?!

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