Pig Out On These New Baconless Bacon Chips

Vegetarians and carnivores unite: here’s a treat we can all enjoy.

By Becca Miller
April 09, 2018

Image: Outstanding Foods

Now that Drake’s a vegetarian, maybe you’re thinking about making the switch too. And with all of the great recipes out there, going vegetarian has never been easier. Except it means having to give up the best meat in the world: bacon. That is, it used to...

Outstanding Foods, a new plant-based brand, is introducing bacon-flavored chips made without any meat. Pig Out Bacon Chips taste exactly like the carnivore’s guilty pleasure, but are made entirely from mushrooms and come in flavors like Kansas City BBQ, Cheddar, Chipotle and Original Cherrywood.

Following the ever popular bacon-flavored everything trend, these chips give even vegetarians a chance to indulge. Bonus: not only are the chips vegetarian, they are also non-GMO and free of fillers. Could it get any better?

Dave Anderson, a former chef for Beyond Meat and once a private chef for Ellen Degeneres, has pursued his aspirations to create a brand selling snack foods that don’t compromise his plant-based mission for flavor. The chips have attracted several celebrity ambassadors already, including Emily Deschanel and Rob Dyrdek.

The chips will go on sale later this spring, so you’ll be able to bring home the bacon... without the pig.

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