Philly Shop Unleashes a JägerMonster Super Bowl Sub

It’s 30 inches long, weighs six pounds and is filled with every game day food imaginable.

By Ethan L. Johns
January 30, 2018

Image: Stockyard Sandwich Co.

The Super Bowl is mere days away, and if you’re a good football fan, odds are you’ve already got your game day menu planned out already, with wings, pulled pork and onion rings galore. If you’re an even better football fan, you’ve taken all that and combined it to make an epic sandwich that your favorite team would be proud of.

Say hello to the JägerMonster—a sandwich (“hoagie,” as it’s called locally) so chock full of different Philly-favorite bar foods that you can count them on three hands. It comes from the folks at Stockyard Sandwich Co., who created it to celebrate their hometown Birds, the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 30-inch sandwich weighs in at six-pounds, costs $60 and is big enough to feed around five to eight hungry football fans. It was inspired by the iconic foods of Philly (it’s basically an über-amped-up cheesesteak) and the herbal flavors of Jägermeister.

Pop the hood on this “South Philly roll” and you’ll find three different kinds of meat: braised beef, Jägermeister BBQ pulled pork and boneless chicken wings. Naturally, no Philly sandwich is complete without Cheese Whiz, which Stockyard makes in-house. Coleslaw and pickles go on top to add a zesty crunch, while beer-battered onion rings and fried potatoes join the party, most likely because it’s Super Bowl Sunday and why not? Three different sauces—ranch, Jägermeister BBQ and the proprietary Stock sauce—get drizzled on top for a triple whammy of flava-flav.

“We wanted to showcase our city (braised beef—our version of the cheesesteak) and all the Super Bowl snacks in one sandwich, while also utilizing a great BBQ sauce made from the premium liqueur Jägermeister,” said Stockyard chef Will Lindsay in an email.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and want to try to tackle this jam-packed hoagie, give the team at Stockyard Sandwich Co. a call by Saturday, February 3rd, at the latest to pre-order one.

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