McDonald’s Created a ‘Frylus’ for Clean-Fingered Selfies

Instagram icon Kirby Jenner models the fry stylus and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

By Ethan L. Johns
June 18, 2018

Image: McDonald’s

Have you ever felt like the perfect moment to take a selfie is when you’re elbow-deep in a cardboard container of McDonald’s fries?

If so, McDonald’s has enlisted Kendall Jenner’s twin brother, Kirby, to present you with a touchscreen stylus of crisp, golden proportions. It’s the “Frylus,” and it’s coming to a McDonald’s near you, just in time for “National Selfie Day.” As if every day isn’t already a selfie day.

The “Frylus” is a magically “frivolous” (their words, not mine) new piece of technology that can be used to operate a smartphone without getting it all greasy. Yet its sweetest design feature is that it exists only to make you aware of McDonald’s new Quarter Pounder, which is now made with fresh beef instead of frozen beef. Is it working?

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To drive the point home, the burger chain enlisted the help of Kirby Jenner—an Instagram star who has cut his teeth by impeccably photoshopping himself into images of the Kardashian clan. In a 60-second ad spot and series of overwhelmingly moody and ambient photos, Kendall’s fraternal twin demonstrates the best way to take a “frylus” selfie.

If you’re itching to get your hands on one of these gadgets, you can visit the “Frylus” website for a list of participating locations. You’ll be able to pick one up (along with a bonus phone stand) on June 21st with the purchase of a Quarter Pounder.

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