Literally Run on Dunkin' with New Doughnut-Inspired Sneakers

This Saucony collab with Dunkin’ Donuts will have you jumping for doughnut-induced joy.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 28, 2018

Image: Dunkin’ Donuts

Who run the world? Girls? Squirrels? Dunkin’ Donuts?

America might run on Dunkin’, but in a perfectly obvious why-hasn’t-this-been-done-before collaboration, Americans can now literally run on Dunkin’. That’s because on Tuesday, Dunkin’ Donuts announced a new running shoe collaboration with Saucony. And you definitely can’t eat it.

Caffeine might fuel your run, but there’s nothing like a comfy, stylish pair of sneakers. These two Boston-based brands teamed up to pimp out a pair of Saucony’s top-notch Kinvara 9 running shoes, just in time for the Boston Marathon, which will take place on April 16th.

The shoes feature strawberry frosted doughnuts on the heels, with sprinkles surrounding them. The tongue of the shoes displays the Dunkin Donuts logo, while the sockliner features coffee graphics. “America Runs on Dunkin’”—the company’s catchphrase—is spelled out on the heel reflectors.

These kicks went up on Saucony’s website on Tuesday for pre-sale and, at the time of this writing, were sold out. But doughnut-craving runners will be able to buy them online at Marathon Sports beginning April 3rd, which should give competitors in the Boston Marathon’s 122nd edition just enough time to break them in before race day.

They might sound cheesy, but they’re not nearly as cheesy as Pizza Hut’s March Madness shoes, which actually can order you a delivery pizza. The next time Dunkin’ Donuts crafts a running shoe, we hope there will be a similar button that gets us a cup of coffee at the finish line. Now that would be worth running for, n’est pas, America?

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