Kraft Asks America To Vote On Fave Utensil For Mac & Cheese

As simple as Fork or Spoon.

By Becca Miller
July 13, 2018

Image: BusinessWire

Calling all Mac & Cheese fans.

Tomorrow, July 14th, is National Mac and Cheese Day, and in honor of this very cheesy holiday, Kraft is asking you to vote on the best way to eat mac and cheese.

Are you a fan of picking up elbow noodles with the prongs of a fork?

Or do you prefer the hearty, warm scoop you can only get from the trusty spoon?

It’s contentious. A hot debate for one and all. It has sparked tense conversations across the country. And now, thanks to Kraft’s vote, we will have a definitive answer.

If you want to make your voice heard, here’s what you have to do:  

Venture over to Kraft’s Twitter account and vote on the poll for Team Fork or Team Spoon.

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Image: Kraft

The winner of the vote will be placed on the front of Kraft’s signature blue box, making it known that this is indeed the superior utensil for mac and cheese.

Team Fork has pulled ahead with a whopping 62% of the almost 92,000 votes. Big names, like the NFL’s Kurt Warner, have weighed into the polarizing debate gripping the nation. (He’s Team Spoon, in case you were curious.)

The team at Genius Kitchen have weighed in, and we’re Team Fork all the way.

The vote ends tomorrow, so hustle over to Twitter, and do your civic duty. May the best utensil win.

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