Joey Chestnut Sets World Record, Claims 11th Hot Dog-Eating Title

How do they even fit in that belly?

By Ethan L. Johns
July 05, 2018

Image: Steven Ferdman/WireImage

If you thought you overate during this year’s midweek freedom festivities, better take a moment to recalibrate your benchmarks for satiety.

You definitely didn’t eat as much as Joey Chestnut, professional competitive eater, who took home the champion’s "mustard belt" on July 4th after eating a mind-boggling 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes at the 2018 edition of the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog-Eating Contest.

We can feel our stomachs groaning right now.

As tubular meat fans wearing hot dog hats looked on, Chestnut blew away the competition in Coney Island on America’s birthday, eating 10 more wieners than the next-best competitor. He also swept past his own record of 72 dogs, which was set at last year’s contest. This is Chestnut’s third year in a row winning the contest, and 11th year total.

For the women’s competition, Miki Sudo gained the glory by scarfing down 37 frankfurters. She has been the top dog since 2014, though has yet to best the record of 45 dogs, which was set in 2012 by Sonya Thomas.

Both winners were rewarded for their efforts with a $10,000 cash prize.

According to the Associated Press, the men’s competition got off to a bit of a slippery start, as the judges fumbled their meat-counting.

In the end, participants left full—some with pockets full of cash—while spectators likely left with a case of the vicarious meat sweats. Throw in the 80-plus degree temperatures and high humidity, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a comfortable Independence Day.

Interested in eating like Joey Chestnut? Neither are we, but he just released his very own line of condiments. And if anybody knows a thing or two about hot dog condiments, it’s probably Joey Chestnut.

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