'Hangry'? So Is the Oxford Dictionary

So many people were hungry and angry that they had to add it to the dictionary.

By Ethan L. Johns
February 09, 2018

Image: Blend Images / Getty Images

Oxford… Isn’t that one of those stuffy old British universities? Well, yes, people started learning there at some point before the year 1100. But stuffy? No, they were probably just hungry.

The Oxford Dictionary released its annual list of updated words in January, and one major colloquialism has caught our eyes. It’s that word for when you’re so hungry that you’re grumpy; when your tummy is empty and all you want to do is strangle your teddy bear; when you’re so hungry that you’re angry. That’s right, “hangry” is now officially a defined word in the “definitive record of the English language.”

The official definition is “bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.” And don’t even pretend that you’ve never felt that way. We all know what it is to be a dude in a diva’s body. It’s the worst. So grab yourself a dictionary, identify the problem, then grab yourself a nutty caramel chocolate bar and chow down. Better?

“Hangry” wasn’t the only food-related word to graduate to the Oxford Dictionary this year; other classmates include “agar” (“a gelatinous substance obtained from certain red seaweeds and used in biological culture media and as a thickener in foods”) and “frugivore,” which is what you’d be if you put down that darned leaf of kale and started eating more apples and berries.

Some other words that seem like signs of the times? How about “mansplain,” for the dudes who try to tell women what gravity is, when they obviously already know. Or “me time,” because sometimes you need some time on your own.

So next time you’re hangry and need some me time, go grab yourself a grapefruit, you frugivore.

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