How to Host a Real-Life Galentine’s Day Party

Throw a party Pawnee, Indiana won’t forget.

Galentine’s Day is the mythical unicorn of February holidays that's all too often overlooked, thanks to the onslaught of romantic greeting cards and social pressure for fondue nights. Succumb to Valentine’s Day no longer (but make these conversation hearts if you must) because this year we’re bringing Parks and Recreation's Galentine's Day to life.

Celebrate friends, waffles and work (or waffles, friends and work?) with our all-things-girl-power brunch menu. The only thing you need to tell your gal pals to bring? Bundles of sweet compliments and a love of breakfast to rival Leslie Knope’s, because we have all the tips, tricks and waffles you'll need to host a party as beautiful and successful as Ann Perkins

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You can’t host a Galentine’s Day party without snacks, and doughnut holes rolled in sparkling pink sugar are the only appropriate answer. Get the recipe.



If you’ve ever watched an episode of Parks and Rec, you know that waffles are the glue holding the lovable characters of Pawnee, Indiana together. And for the purposes of Galentine’s Day, they are the undisputed star of the show. Get the recipe. 

Whipped Cream

Any day is good day when you've got your own personal bowl of whipped cream. So make that dream a reality and "treat yo’ self" to mounds of whipped cream and waffles. Make your own whipped cream to ensure perfect dollops every time.

Heart-Shaped Butter

What are waffles without butter? And what is Galentine's Day but an unabashed celebration of all the things you love about your friends? Bring the two together with heart-shaped butter — it's essentially an edible version of one of Leslie's signature compliments. 

Simply cut room temperature butter into 1/2-inch cubes, and then use a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to achieve perfect little hearts. Put the butter back into the fridge to keep cold until you're ready to serve. 


Don’t forget to save the excess butter to be used in future cooking projects.

Bacon Frittata

It wouldn’t be a Parks and Rec feast without another ode to breakfast, and this frittata ingeniously brings a little of Ron Swanson to the table in the form of the world’s most-perfect food: bacon.

But if you lean toward Leslie, you can waffle your frittata by pouring the egg mixture into the waffle iron instead of baking it. Get the recipe. 

Cannoli Calzones

Calzones are an undeniable favorite of nerdy, but lovable, Ben Wyatt. Pay homage to the creator of Cones of Dunshire by taking a breakfast spin on his favorite food. Best part? If you and your friends fill up before the calzones, these cuties can act as party favors. Bam! Go ahead and claim your friend-of-the-year award now. Get the recipe. 


Italian Soda Bar

As much as Galentine’s Day is about the ladies in your life whom you love and want to celebrate, it’s also about sugar. And nothing brings that festive spirit to life quite like pale-pink Italian sodas.

But take it a step further and create a build-it-yourself Italian soda bar that lets your guests come up with their perfect sugary concoction. Lay out the syrups, the sodas, sprinkles and doughnuts, then sit back and watch what marvelous sips your friends dream up. Get the recipe here.


Party Like Pawnee

Now you're ready to kick it "breakfast style" with all the rainbow-infused space unicorns in your life. 

All photos courtesy of Probably This.

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