Drunk Man DIY’s a Sandwich While Waffle House Staff Snoozes

And he looked pretty darn happy about it.

By Ethan L. Johns
December 04, 2017

Image: James (powerplantop)/flickr

What would you do if you had an entire restaurant kitchen, full of your favorite drunk food ingredients, at your disposal? Well, you’d probably make a pretty epic, supremely greasy, extra-everything sandwich. On Thursday, one South Carolina man had one such ultimate opportunity.

When Alex Bowen popped into a Waffle House in West Columbia around 3 a.m. (Waffle House is open 24/7—or so they say), he was, admittedly, inebriated. Drunk and hungry for bacon, Bowen was disappointed to find a silent restaurant, seemingly devoid of employees. He waited for 10 minutes at the counter before walking out to check for employees. When he found none, he re-entered.

"Walked back in and waited a few more minutes,” Bowen told South Carolina’s WIS, “then it was go time.”

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Bowen crossed that holy cash-register barrier to the flavor side, cranked up the griddle, and got to work on making a double Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt (with extra pickles, because when you’re the general of your own galley, you add as many pickles as you please).

Thankfully for the rest of the world, Bowen decided to document his adventure with photos, which he later posted to Facebook. One of the photos shows an employee fast asleep on a table. The employee never woke up, and no other customers came into the restaurant, though if they had, Bowen said he probably would have served them too.

Bowen scraped the grill and left without paying, though he did return later that afternoon to drop off five bucks for his drunken DIY creation. Waffle House’s division manager apologized personally, and the sleepy employee was suspended for a week.

The company wasn’t even mad that Bowen took “fourthmeal” matters into his own hands, either, saying in its statement that they might just have a position for him.

The moral of the story? Follow your gourmet dreams, kids, because they might just land you a greasy gig and the undying love of the internet.

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