Daylight Savings Starts Sunday & Starbucks Has Your Back

Less sleep means more caffeine in these new beverages.

By Ethan L. Johns
March 08, 2018

Image: Starbucks

The start of Daylight Savings is the worst, in more ways than one. First, you lose an hour of sleep. Second, you lose twenty minutes each year while arguing with your colleagues and family over whether you do, in fact, lose or gain an hour of sleep.

We here at Genius Kitchen are a thoughtful bunch, so we used a whole bunch of collective brainpower to answer definitively that you will, sadly, lose an hour of sleep. Thankfully, however, Starbucks is touting a newly-released line of extra-caffeinated beverages—just in the nick of time for your Monday adjustment. Phew!

These new brews include the Grande Iced Blonde Quad Caffe Americano (long, we know, but bear with us), which is basically rocket fuel in a Grande cup. This Americano included an extra shot of the coffee chain’s new Blonde espresso, which is topped with a bit of water for that light brown creamy froth on top. Chug down a couple of these and you can forget about Daylight Savings; you’ll be on your way to a lunar landing.

Keurig users can wake the heck up on Monday morning with new Starbucks Plus K-Cups, which add a little extra somethin’ for the extra-sleepy folks. With 260 mg of caffeine per capsule (as opposed to 130 in a regular Starbucks pod), there will be no nodding off on the bus and headbutting that nice old man by accident.

If you like to pull your highly-caffeinated cold coffee straight out of the fridge, of course, there’s also cold brew, which is available in Vanilla & Fig for the flavor lovers and Sweetened Black for the sugar lovers. Of course, there’s always regular bottled cold brew—for the coffee lovers.

All these are available in grocery stores (except for the Americano; there’s no barista in the coffee aisle), so whether you like to plan your coffee ahead or get it on the go, you’ll probably find something for you.

Just don’t forget to change your clocks on Sunday. Oh, who are we kidding, clocks change themselves these days.

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