Celebrate Easter in the UK with Gin & Tonic Eggs

Plus, a sweetly alcoholic marmalade for your hungover breakfast toasts.

By Ethan L. Johns
February 27, 2018

Image: The Treat Kitchen

When it comes to Easter, British chocolate makers are on the top of their game. If you’re not a fan of magical Hogwarts-inspired Harry Potter eggs, though, you might be more interested in something with a bit more of a kick to it.

The Treat Kitchen is a British confectioner based in Nottingham, and this year they’ve crafted an Easter egg that will have your favorite bunnies dancing on the table at the club. Ok, not really. But they are selling an awesome gin and tonic-flavored Easter egg for all the springtime-loving adults out there.

The G&T egg is made of white chocolate and flavored with the key components of that classic, refreshing, anti-malarial, colonial cocktail that you know and drink too often. It can be purchased alone ($14) or as a set, with the company’s hard boiled gin and tonic sweets ($28).

If gin and tonic brings you back to unhappy memories (that would be a shame), the company also makes a strawberry and prosecco-flavored Easter egg with matching sweets for the same prices.

The Brits are apparently a lot more into their gin and tonics than us Yankees, because we also recently caught wind of a very special boozy British breakfast spread, the Spreadable gin and tonic marmalade. Sold by London-based web shop Firebox, the alcohol in the marmalade is completely cooked off, so you won’t end up on the floor if you choose to eat it straight from the jar.

Luckily for our readers based in the U.K., both of these products can be purchased online for delivery to settle your G&T cravings (if you’re feeling cravings, maybe take it easy for a while). Unfortunately for our readers everywhere else, these are only available in the U.K., so you’ll need to do a bit of traveling to get your hands on them.

Can’t make the trip? Neither can we. Join us instead in a toast, as we sip down a few of these G&Ts with lemongrass and cucumber. Much more refreshing than a transatlantic flight.

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