Is Caffeinated Water the New Best Way to Start Your Day?

None of the sugar, none of the acid, all of the energy boost.

By Ethan L. Johns
November 03, 2017

Image: Amazon

Caffeine can be a tricky topic. Empty calories from sugary caffeinated soda can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Though coffee is generally seen as healthy, its acidity can contribute to tooth decay. What’s a poor boy (or girl) to do if they want to get their caffeine fix without wrecking their health along the way?

Enter Water Joe, the first-ever bottled, caffeinated water. Water Joe is simple: no sugar, artificial flavors or carbonation, just purified H2O and caffeine. Health-conscious consumers will now be able to choose between the new 700-milliliter bottle (which contains 85 mg of caffeine) and the older one-liter bottles (120 mg) and 20-ounce bottles (590 mL, 70 mg of caffeine)—apparently Premium Waters, Inc. couldn’t decide on a system of measurement and stick with it.

"Water Joe is a great alternative for anyone looking to replace expensive energy drinks, cut down their sugar intake in beverages or live a healthier lifestyle. It's just water—with a kick," says Water Joe brand manager JD Seger.

Bottled water became America’s most popular beverage back in March, according to market research from the Beverage Market Corporation. A sign of movement in the right direction for solving the obesity epidemic, but not so much for the environment. A million single-use bottles are sold around the world each and every minute, 25 percent of which contain the same tap water that comes from your sink (and your sink water might even be safer to drink.

Will Water Joe’s caffeinated water become a huge new player in the bottled drinks sector, giving way to an army of hyperactive and jittery fiends? It certainly will never match the taste and aroma of a real cup of joe.

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