Photo by: Ron Doke

9 Valentine’s Day Candies You Love to Hate

Valentine’s Day candy is like cilantro––you either love it or hate it. It’s hard to tell if the confections are actually tasty, or if it’s their holiday-flair that makes them extra special. This roundup of mushy sweets highlights all of the cutsie candies we secretly love to hate.

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(pictured above) Sure, these heart-shaped treats sort of taste like Tums––but the sweet sentiment sprawled across each candy is so worth the chalky aftertaste.


Cinnamon Candy Hearts

If you can get through a bag of these tiny crimson confections without chipping a tooth, their spicy kick is surprisingly delightful. Photo by Christine Urias

Valentine’s M&M’s

We can’t tell you why festive-colored M&M’s are so much tastier than the regular assortment. What do we know about these pink and red nibbles? They are the perfect chocolatey addition to any Valentine’s Day dessert. Photo by Cliff Johnson

Heart-Shaped Gummies

The strangely satisfying sugar-coating sets this chewy treat apart from it’s candy competitors. Be forewarned: binging on this addictive gummy is inevitable, and always results in a major sugar coma. Photo by Elizabeth Thomsen


Valentine Peeps

Do you vehemently detest these festive marshmallows, or do you suffer from peep-lust all year long? Debuting bi-annually, you can stand your ground on this infamous debate all the way from Valentine’s Day to Easter. Photo by Mike Mozart

Wax Lips

The fun that ensues from a set of these waxy smackers is so worth the strange aftertaste and red teeth-stains that they leave behind. Photo by aeryn42

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Boxes

While these heart-shaped boxes boast a variety of chocolate flavors, everyone knows that the individual candies all taste the same. Don’t let the duped packaging take away from the satisfaction of tearing into this holiday staple and taking it down piece by piece. Photo by Becky


Valentine Candy Corn

Like Peeps, seeing this candy outside of it’s original holiday is slightly jarring. When the initial shock subsides, you’ll come to appreciate that this striped confection can now be consumed twice a year. Photo by Kristy Johnson

Candy Cane Hearts

Some are deterred by snacking on this minty candy without the anticipation of St. Nick. We just see it as an excuse to eat two candy canes at the same time. Photo by April Griffus 

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