Screwpine leaves

Known as Pandanus latifolious, P. amaryllifolius, pandan leaves. Originated from Southeast Asia. Popular in India, Indonesia, South East Asia, and New West Guinea. These leaves are always used fresh, the aroma is hard to describe but is thought to resemble a “nutty” smell and sometimes said to smell like “hay”. Can be referred to the same smell as Jasmine rice which has a “nutty” fragrant. The scent is found only on the leaves and not on the root at all. The leaves are used in savory as well as sweet dishes. A long leaf may be dropped into a pot when rice is bring cooked to perfume it more. When cooking curry dishes, 2 or 3 leaves may be used. In most places in Thailand chicken is marinated by enclosing it in the pandan leave and grilling or deep frying it. In other countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore the leaves are often pounded or strained then blended with a little water to add flavor to sweets. This delicate flavor is crucial to Asians as vanilla is to Westerners. May not be available in all stores, specialty stores, Asian stores may carry it or may be available online.




available year-round

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