Rice wine

This wine should be named “rice beer” because it is fermented from a grain and not a fruit. The Japanese have developed two kinds of rice wine; one being sake and the other a dry one. Red rice wine is a sweet wine, which has low alcohol content. Used in both cooking and drinking. There are three varieties available:
Mirin: a sweet wine pronounced MEE-reen.
Sake: white wine pronounced SAH-kee.
Shaoxing wine: Chinese rice wine. Substitutions; sake or sherry.
Chia Fan, Shan Nian and Yen Hung are Chinese rice wines.


Rice wines


available year-round

How to select

Also sold as "sweet cooking seasoning"


Mirin: 1 tbsp dry sherry + ½ tsp sugar, OR sherry, OR heat two parts sake and one part sugar, OR white wine and sugar to taste OT white wine.
Sake: Shaoxing wine or Vermouth, dry white wine, or dry sherry.

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