Pronounced: KWARK, KVARK

A soft, white, unripened, cow's milk cheese with the texture and flavor of sour cream that is sold in pots. Available in low-fat and nonfat versions. Low-fat quark has a richer texture than low-fat sour cream and a milder flavor and richer texture than low-fat yogurt. Quark simply means "curd" in German and the cheese is said to date from the Iron Age. Quark can be made from whole, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk or even buttermilk. Soft and moist, like a cross between yogurt and fromage frais, it should taste lemon-fresh. Some versions have skimmed milk powder added and can be rather gritty.

    Quark is a type of fresh cheese originally from Central Europe. It is soft, white and un-aged, similar to Fromage frais. It is distinctly different from ricotta because ricotta is made from scalded whey. It also differs from the other cream cheeses in its usually much lower fat content (about the same as yoghurt), and it is completely salt free. The closest taste and texture it can be associated with is perhaps a thick sour cream.




available year-round

Matches well with

potatoes, salads

Popular Quark Recipes