A juicy fruit that is one of two broad categories of melons, the other being watermelon. The two key varieties of muskmelon are those with netted skins (persion melon, cantaloupe and Santa Claus or Christmas melon) and those with smooth skins (casaba, crenshaw and honeydew). The skin can range in color from creamy white to jade green. Flesh colors can be salmon, golden, lime-green or orange. All muskmelons have seeds in a fibrous center hollow.




available year-round

How to select

Available year round, but most plentiful in late summer to early fall. Look for fruit that is slightly soft at the blossom end with a sweet perfume smell.

How to store

Store ripe melons in a cool place. Unripe melons should be kept at room temperature until ripe, but melons picked before they mature will not be as sweet or flavorful.

How to prepare

Halve and seed before using.

Popular Muskmelon Recipes