Muscovy duck

Considered the finest duck there is. A muscovy duck is a large duck that is native to Mexico and Central and South America. They are also found in Texas and Florida, in a feral population. This duck is all dark except for having white wings. The male weighs about 3kg and the female weighs 1/3 kg. The Muscovy duck is known commercially as a Barbary duck. This breed of duck has a strong meat taste to it, more like roast beef. This duck is less greasy than most ducks you will eat. The carcass is much heavier than other ducks. These are the only ducks that are not from the mallard stock. Muscovy is the one of the most versatile ducks to prepare. Muscovy ducks are most likely to be found on specialty farms that raise them. They will likely not be found in grocery stores.


available year-round

Popular Muscovy duck Recipes